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Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - April 15, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 09:20 | 15/04/14
The U.S. Dollar rose on Monday against the majority of its Forex counterparts subsequent to the announcement of stellar economic news which showed that U.S. Retail Sales went up 1.1 percent last month, instead of the predicted 0.8 percent. In ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - April 14, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:46 | 14/04/14
The U.S. Dollar put an end to its downward trend and rallied versus many of the majors as market traders shied away from risk assets upon the decline of global equities. And even though the data released on Friday gave ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - April 11, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:40 | 11/04/14
The U.S. Dollar depreciated against the majority of its foreign exchange counterparts following the release of the Federal Reserve’s most recent monetary policy meeting minutes, which revealed that several policy makers are concerned that forecasts for a hike in the ...
U.K. Reports Lower Trade Deficit

U.K. Reports Lower Trade Deficit

David Sumner | 07:30 | 10/04/14
The British Pound put an end to two straight days of advances versus the greenback and fell versus twelve of sixteen Forex counterparts despite reports showing a contraction in the trade deficit. Sterling Dips Despite Trade Deficit The British Pound weakened against ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - April 10, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:05 | 10/04/14
The U.S. Dollar retreated from a four-week low against the Yen, but remained weak against the majority of its counterparts as market traders looked ahead to the publication of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy meeting minutes. Some analysts believe that ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - April 9, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:50 | 09/04/14
The U.S. Dollar declined for the second day in a row versus the Euro and traded low against most majors as investors awaited the publication of the FOMC’s meeting minutes in order to gather clues on the future of monetary ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - April 8, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:45 | 08/04/14
The U.S. Dollar remained weak against most of its peers days after the Non-Farm Payroll release disappointed market investors by denoting that U.S. employers did not hire as many workers as analysts had predicted. Speculators await the release of the ...
Optimism Over China Supports Currencies

Optimism Over China Supports Currencies

David Sumner | 07:50 | 07/04/14
Australia’s Dollar climbed to a twenty-week high on Friday as market speculators assessed disappointing U.S. economic reports in order to gauge the speed at which the Federal Reserve will wind down stimulus. Investors Set High Hopes Despite lackluster macroeconomic fundamentals issued on ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - April 7, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:10 | 07/04/14
Market traders remain divided on the state of the U.S. economy. For some speculators, Friday’s Non-Farm Payroll reports signaled that the country’s economy has not lost momentum. Yet for others, the fact that employers hired 192,000 workers rather than the ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - April 3, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:25 | 03/04/14
The U.S. Dollar extended gains against the Yen as investors awaited reports on U.S. Employment and Factory Output. The greenback has been fragile ever since chairperson of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, suggested that the next line-up of economic reports ...
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