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Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 17, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:55 | 17/05/11
The U.S. Dollar started the week on a strong note as risk aversion dominated investor sentiment. This soon changed after reports showed a drop in Manufacturing for the New York area, causing the greenback to weaken against most of its ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 16, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:55 | 16/05/11
The U.S. Dollar made gains against most of its counterparts as investors sought safe havens while focusing on the possibility of Greece’s loan restructuring. This contributed to wider global yields and the weakening of the Euro. The greenback continued to ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 13, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:05 | 13/05/11
The U.S. Dollar traded mixed, first increasing in value due to risk aversion in the market. A decline in commodities like silver also contributed to the strengthening of the U.S. Dollar. However, the currency fell against the Euro as commodities ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 12, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:10 | 12/05/11
The U.S. Dollar traded somewhat higher against the Euro despite less than positive economic data, and as a result of a slow-down in the commodities rally. The U.S. currency showed increased strength versus the Euro and the Yen after reports ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 11, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:35 | 11/05/11
The U.S. Dollar traded mixed yesterday while making gains against the Pound Sterling. The markets showed a rally in commodities and stocks –a factor that diminished demand for safe havens. Crude oil climbed above the $100.00 on concerns that the ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 9, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:30 | 09/05/11
Last week ended on a positive note for the U.S. Dollar with a better than anticipated Non-farm Payroll (despite a nine percent unemployment rate). Commodity prices drove the markets and their drop in price brought on added demand for the ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 6, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:00 | 06/05/11
The U.S. Dollar got a break and recouped some of its losses against the Euro yesterday. However, this was not due to the strength of the Dollar but because of fundamentals and events that caused the value of the Euro ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 5, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:15 | 05/05/11
The U.S. Dollar sustained another day of losses despite a bit of positive news in the employment sector. The ADP Employer Services report showed that companies around the United States hired 179,000 more people in April. However, other economic data ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 4, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:10 | 04/05/11
The U.S. Dollar managed to recover some of its value during the early part of yesterday’s trading session. Economic reports revealed that Factory Orders rose more than expected for the month of March. However, the greenback lost what it had ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - May 3, 2011

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:35 | 03/05/11
The U.S. Dollar advanced on announcements that Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden had been killed by U.S. operatives. However, the currency’s rally came to a halt soon after reports indicated less than stellar Manufacturing PMIs. The numbers were indicative of ...
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