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Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - March 10, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:55 | 10/03/14
The U.S. Dollar advanced against most of the Forex majors and retreated from a two-and-a-half-year low against the Euro as the Labor Department reported that the number of new jobs created stood at 175,000, surpassing forecasts for a reading of ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - March 7, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 08:40 | 07/03/14
  The U.S. Dollar rate remained unchanged against several majors as investors opted for remaining on the sidelines ahead of the European Central Bank’s meeting and U.S. Non-Farm Payroll reports due out today. However, the greenback gained against the Yen. The ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - March 4, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:55 | 04/03/14
The U.S. Dollar slumped against the Yen and the Swiss Franc as fears over a possible war between Russia and the Ukraine prompted a sell-off of risk assets and greater demand for safety. The crisis escalated over the weekend as ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - March 3, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 08:30 | 03/03/14
The U.S. Dollar weakened against most of the majors and slumped to a one-year low against safe havens like the Swiss Franc. The markets grew concerned as Gross Domestic Product was revised to a yearly 2.4 percent after the Commerce ...
Inflation May Sway ECB Plans

Inflation May Sway ECB Plans

David Sumner | 10:59 | 02/03/14
The Euro rose against the U.S. Dollar and the majority of its Forex peers on reports showing that E.U. consumer prices went up, and on disappointing U.S. economic growth data, which reignited concerns over American economic recovery.   Consumer Prices Show Increase The ...
China Reports Drop In Home Prices

China Reports Drop In Home Prices

David Sumner | 09:15 | 25/02/14
The U.S. Dollar fell versus the Yen on Monday morning after China reported a drop in home prices, increasing concerns that the second biggest economy in the world is losing momentum as its government attempts to deal with a number ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - February 25, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 08:25 | 25/02/14
The U.S. Dollar dipped against the Yen and traded steady against the Euro, however, on Monday morning the greenback rebounded against the Japanese currency while the Euro slipped due to the possibility that the European Central Bank could implement new ...
U.K. Economy Still Strong

U.K. Economy Still Strong

David Sumner | 09:05 | 23/02/14
The British Pound rebounded after five days of declines against the U.S. Dollar as market traders remain optimistic that the U.K.’s economy has not lost momentum despite lackluster metrics denoting a drop in retail sales. Sterling Advances FX trading investors believe that ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - February 18, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 08:10 | 18/02/14
The U.S. Dollar continued to trade to the downside against most of its peers following the publication of Friday’s economic reports, which showed partial evidence that the U.S. economy could be slowing down, though some economists have attributed the recent ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - February 17, 2014

Sophie J. Fletcher | 08:09 | 17/02/14
The U.S. Dollar continued to spiral to the downside and traded lower than predicted as less than positive U.S. economic reports confirmed that severe weather conditions the U.S. has been experiencing since December have had a major impact on the ...
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