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Euro Drops On IFO

Euro Drops On IFO

David Sumner | 08:10 | 25/09/13
Following a day of optimism after Chancellor Merkel was re-elected, Germany announced an improvement in business confidence. Investors continue to remain cautious while anticipating a slow economic recovery for the E.U. Business IFO Weakens The Euro declined against the U.S. Dollar after ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - September 25, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:00 | 25/09/13
The U.S. Dollar traded mixed and it managed to advance against a number of currencies while speculators were wondering if the central bank would slow the asset purchasing program, a measure that has normally contributed to the depreciation of the ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - September 19, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:35 | 19/09/13
The U.S. Dollar traded mixed against the majors and at one point reached close to five-week lows while investors awaited the Federal Reserve to issue the highly expected announcement regarding stimuli. The markets failed to react to announcements by the ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - September 16, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 09:05 | 16/09/13
The U.S. Dollar depreciated against the majority of its forex peers on Friday subsequent to the publication of what economists considered less than stellar metrics, thereby casting doubts over the Federal Reserve’s next move and the possibility it will reduce ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - September 12, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:25 | 12/09/13
The U.S. Dollar made little change on Wednesday after the White House indicated that President Barack Obama was engaging in talks with U.K. and French leaders in an effort to obtain a resolution from the U.N. to hold Syria to ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - September 9, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:55 | 09/09/13
The U.S. Dollar depreciated on Friday after the Department of Labor issued employment figures which prompted an increase in speculation that the central bank may extend its asset purchasing program; however, investors haven’t discounted the idea that the Federal Reserve ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - September 6, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:25 | 06/09/13
The U.S. Dollar held on to its gains against most of the majors following a bounty of data issued out of the Euro region, the U.K., and the U.S. According to the Department of Labor, the number of individuals who ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - September 4, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:05 | 04/09/13
The U.S. Dollar reached a six-week high against the Euro ahead of economic releases which analysts believe will show that U.S. Factory Output rose, providing further evidence for the Federal Reserve to begin reducing stimulus. The Institute for Supply Management ...
ECB Governing Council Divided

ECB Governing Council Divided

David Sumner | 09:00 | 27/08/13
Members of the ECB’s governing council attend the central banker’s symposium in Wyoming and reveal that they remain divided on whether the bank should lower the benchmark interest rate given recent signs of economic improvement. ECB Split On Opinion Policy makers from ...
Investors Shift Focus To Japan

Investors Shift Focus To Japan

David Sumner | 07:39 | 25/08/13
Now that the Federal Reserve’s Policy Meeting Minutes have been published, market investors have shifted their attention to Japan’s central bank in order to obtain clues on whether it will expand stimulus. Investors await comments by Governor Kuroda for any ...
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