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Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - October 16, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:04 | 16/10/13
The U.S. Dollar rallied against most of the majors and gained against the Euro after three days of declines, as U.S. Senate leaders offered hope that a deal could be reached before the October 17 deadline. Politicians remained deadlocked, but ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - October 15, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:05 | 15/10/13
The U.S. Dollar traded mixed and later weakened against most of its forex counterparts on concerns over the possibility the U.S. may not come up with a solution to raise the debt ceiling or to reopen the government, now closed ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - October 14, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 06:55 | 14/10/13
As October 17 approaches, market investors anticipate that the U.S. will avoid a default as lawmakers will find a way to overcome the stalemate by reaching an agreement that will allow government offices to re-open and the debt ceiling to ...
Yen Affected By Sentiment

Yen Affected By Sentiment

David Sumner | 07:45 | 13/10/13
Risk appetite rose in the markets amid speculation that the U.S. will avoid a default by raising the debt limit. The past 24 hours have made investors more confident, especially as U.S. lawmakers have displayed efforts find a solution to ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - October 11, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:45 | 11/10/13
The U.S. Dollar rallied versus the majority of its counterparts on the likelihood Republicans and Democrats may come to a consensus on how to avert defaulting after October 17. As the deadline loomed, lawmakers indicated that they may have reached ...
Yellen Replaces Bernanke

Yellen Replaces Bernanke

David Sumner | 08:55 | 10/10/13
President Obama announced his decision to nominate to Janet Yellen as next head the U.S. central bank when the current Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, steps down next year. Yen and Swiss Franc dip as a result of the news. Yen ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - October 10, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 08:25 | 10/10/13
While U.S. government’s closure stretched into its second week, the greenback gained momentum against most of the majors. The currency’s rebound occurred as the administration revealed that President Barack Obama will nominate Janet Yellen for head of the Fed. Once ...
U.S. Currency Continues To Drop

U.S. Currency Continues To Drop

David Sumner | 09:25 | 07/10/13
The U.S. Dollar sustained another week of declines, marking the longest stretch of losses in almost 3 years, as lawmakers in Washington did not reach an agreement on increasing the debt ceiling, prompting a retreat from the Dollar. U.S. May Default The ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - October 7, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 07:35 | 07/10/13
The U.S. Dollar experienced the biggest stretch of losses since April of 2011 before recovering on Friday against the majority of its peers. The greenback’s recovery did not come about as a result of the release of macroeconomic reports, but ...
Sophie J. Fletcher

iFOREX Daily - October 4, 2013

Sophie J. Fletcher | 08:50 | 04/10/13
The U.S. Dollar weakened further and reached the lowest price in close to eight months against the Euro as the partial closure of the government created uncertainty in the markets, bolstering speculation that the Federal Reserve will delay its plans ...
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